BOSAK EMPLOYMENT is a registered professional employment agency based in Zagreb, Croatia (EU) specialized in hiring out employees to our business clients from different business sectors and industries.

Our business is regulated, licenced and supervised by the Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

Working with people is working with personal happiness and destinies, and this makes it a very sensitive task with an utmost need for the highest degree of responsibility and fairness. Our goal is to make our business clients satisfied, but moreover, our mission is to keep our employees happy and prospering, especially those far away from home whose overseas families rely on them. We cherish equal opportunity and gender equality.

We make sure that our foreign employees feel safe and well in Croatia, they all have medical and dental care, as well as earn for their pension system as any other Croatian citizen.

We guide our foreign employees from the day we meet for the first time at an interview until they land in Croatia and start working with our business client. There are several administrative steps and procedures that have to be done and documents provided in order to enable start of employee’s work. Some have to be made abroad, in the country of origin, and some in Croatia. We have a wide network of partners with whom we cover these areas and make the whole process much easier for our foreign employees, including Philippine Overseas Employment Administration – POEA and Philippine Overseas Labour Office POLO in case of Filipino citizens.

Therefore, at BOSAK EMPLOYMENT every member of our dedicated office team has an administrative and real-life experience, expertise and skillset required to provide a full service to, both, our incoming foreign employees, as well as, our business clients.

Our partnerships with business clients are always on a tailor-made principle, since needs differ and there is always more than one way of finding the right solution. Mutual understanding and acceptance of business models are key to long-lasting business relationships. The only constant is a joint pursue of the win-win concept.

Therefore, we do our business transparently without hidden costs neither for foreign employees nor for business clients.