BOSAK EMPLOYMENT is a registered professional employment agency based in Zagreb, Croatia (EU) specialized in hiring out employees to our business clients.

Our business is regulated, licenced and supervised by the Croatian Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

We are constantly looking for high quality workforce for broad range of industries such as tourism/hospitality, metal processing, construction, food processing etc. to hire them out to our business partners.

Foreign employees, that we interviewed, selected and hired, come from, both, the region as well as more distant countries such as Philippines. If you are interested in a job with BOSAK EMPLOYMENT please let us know and contact us, and we will come back to you.

Employment procedure

There is a structured process every potential employee has to complete in order to get a job in Croatia – we will assist and guide you.

Hiring out workforce

Our goal is a long term partnership with our clients. We will provide you with all information you need for your business decision.

Q&A for Employees

Every employee becomes a part of the BOSAK EMPLOYMENT family which takes care of his everyday needs and situations.

Q&A for Business Clients

We guide our Business Clients through the process of engaging hired out workforce.

Finding a skilled workforce doesn’t need to be a problem

We understand that finding skilled workforce can be very challenging in todays world. Partner with BOSAK EMPLOYMENT and broaden your reach in searching for employees according to your business needs. Send us your needs and we can find a best solution together.


We have Business Clients from different business sectors and industries.


In tourism/hospitality our clients are renown resorts, hotels and restaurants looking for a broad range of skilled workforce. They look for chefs, sushi chefs, butchers, pizzaiolos, waiters, barmen, room maids, masseuse, kitchen helpers, sushi helpers etc., all both male and female.


In construction our clients are clients look for a broad range of skilled workforce such as masons, reinforcers, joiners, carpenters etc.


In metal processing our clients are renown companies from different sectors looking for a broad range of skilled workforce. They look for welders, CNC operators, locksmiths in metal processing, metal workers in shipbuilding, etc.


In food industry our clients look for a broad range of skilled workforce such as fish processing workers, chicken processing workers, farm workers etc.


Also, we have clients from various other industries that look for skilled workforce such as electricians, drivers, forklift operators, warehouse workers, etc.